WordPress plugin for questionnaire and e-mail reports

2012 – WordPress plugin

A WordPress plugin which enabled creating a questionnaire based on posts and linking it together allowing for multiple paths based on specific answers. Each questionnaire entry creates a report for administrators to evaluate, add recommendations and then send out as an e-mail.

Sooqr plugin for WordPress

2012 – WordPress, Sooqr

A plugin which enables updates and complete exports for parts of the website or the entire content of a WordPress site to be imported by Sooqr for their search system.

Cleaning supply website based on WordPress

2012 – WordPress

A website for a company selling cleaning supplies based. I created a custom WordPress template and integrated it with several available plugins.

WordPress plugin for GravityForms

2012 – WordPress plugin, GravityForms, GoogleDrive

A WordPress plugin extending GravityForms functionality to enable sending form entries through to a Google Drive spreadsheet. Each form field can be set to be sent to a specific spreadsheet, worksheet and column or multiple. Conditional logic can be used to only send the entries when certain values are set in the form entry.

WordPress plugin for website Welzorg

2012 – WordPress plugin, GravityForms

A plugin for WordPress which enabled importing an Excel spreadsheet with contact information and selecting a certain email address in a GravityForms form based on the entered zipcode. Thus allowing mails to be sent to the proper district.

Winkelcentrum De Mare Alkmaar

2011 – WordPress

A WordPress theme and two plugins for a shoppingcenter where all shops are displayed
on a map and list. Shop owners can submit shop events, such as sales and book
signings for example and these are displayed on the site at their shop and in a global

FrankWatching plugins

2011 – WordPress, Social Media

Several plugins for the new Frankwatching site, such as a plugin to enable voting for a
post/page (like/dislike), a plugin to help cache Twitter feeds so the information is not
pulled from Twitter with each page request and a plugin which counts page views per
author in combination with the Co author plugin. These numbers can also be cached
and only require small updates every hour to reduce stress on the server.

Jantje Beton Lottery

2011 – WordPress, Gravity Forms, iDeal

This is a plugin which enables selling lottery tickets through a WordPress site, the plugin
requires GravityForms and the Pronamic iDeal plugin for GravityForms. An administrator
of the site can import lottery numbers and it would send users their lottery numbers after
buying a ticket and could show an overview of which projects are sponsored by how
many lottery tickets.

FNV Kennisbank

2011 – WordPress, XML, REST, SSO, JSONP, PHP, JavaScript

For LevelLevel I worked on several plugins for the FNV Kennisbank (a digital tax guide).
I created a plugin which limits access to the site and requires authentication through
another site (also part of the the guide, a single sign on solution), if a user logs in there
they are forwarded to the WordPress site and authenticated there. Account details are
shared between the sites using a REST API. Another plugin facilitated the sharing of
data between three different systems using XML, the plugin would export data and
import data from the other system.
Since the tax rules can be changed each year another plugin allowed all the information
on the site to be archived after a year and a copy created as a new tax guide. (These
are actually 3 types of posts: archived, current and future) With the press of a button a
future guide could be created and once updated this guide could be published while the
previous one was archived.
Other contributions included a way to share search results using JSONP across multiple
sites, a personal bookmark plugin and several tweaks to BuddyPress.

Winkelhart Schalkwijk Haarlem

2011 – WordPress

A WordPress theme for a shopping center which displays all shops on a floor map of the
shopping center and allows easy editing of shop information, shopping center news and
information. A list of shops can be displayed in a widget to easily find the shop you are
looking for.